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    Convincing your supervisor about marketing plans

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    Select an organization with which you are familiar. How does your selected organization use the different components of the marketing mix? How does the marketing mix affect the development of your selected organization's marketing strategy and tactics? How can your selected organization use quantifiable elements to evaluate, monitor, and control marketing effectiveness?

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    Utilizing the Marketing Mix in Home Centers

    How Home Centers Use Different Components of the Marketing Mix

    There are four P's of marketing and they are as follows (NetMBA, 2010):

    1) Product - What products by brand and quality to buy. The brand and quality are the top most important things about the products sold because if it is a generic brand and the item breaks - this gives the idea that the company sells junk.

    2) Price - Strategies to use in pricing. The "buy one get one free" as compared to "buy 2 for a $1.00" - this strategy finds that most people want the one free because they think they are getting something ...