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    Strengths and Purpose Statement

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    Complete the Purpose Statement Worksheet and create a purpose statement for the sales and marketing department and for human resources. I need the top 5 strengths and three complementary strengths for the supervisor. Review the Strength of Workplace results found at the bottom of the strategic alignment worksheet. Develop ideas for how to improve these scores.

    Purpose Statement Worksheet
    Most of us are aware of the term "purpose statement" but are unsure of what its real meaning is within an organization. It is a statement describing the organization's purpose, or the reason for its existence. The purpose of an organization reflects a desired position in the marketplace. It should accurately answer to the following four questions: "Who we are?" "What we do?" "Who we do it for?" and "How do we know if we are getting it done?" The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers. The most effective purpose statements are short, concise, and direct. A rule of thumb: they should not exceed two to three sentences in length.

    Who are we?
    What do we do?
    For whom do we do this?
    How do we know when we are getting it done?

    Compile the answers to those four questions into a concise one or two sentence statement summarizing those questions.

    Purpose statement for your declared functional area:

    The human resource purpose statement:

    Zilack Corporation Strategic Alignment Worksheet
    Sales and Marketing
    Name: _Regenia Wade________________________

    Corporate Goal:
    Double Company Sales Human Resources
    Sales and Marketing

    1. Ensure staffing requirements are met.
    2. Retain existing staff.
    3. Hire and train new staff.
    4. Raise Strength of Workplace scores to a minimum of 4.0 in all departments.
    5. Plan, organize, lead, and direct the human resources of the company to meet the goal of growing the business by 100%. 1. Double Zilack sales without lowering price.
    2. Increase international sales.
    3. Ensure accurate on-time delivery.
    4. Plan, organize, lead, and control the resources of sales and marketing department to meet company goal of growing the business by 100%.
    Department Manager
    Goals 1. Retain existing department employees.
    2. Hire two additional HR generalists.
    3. Assist department managers in the hiring of new employees.
    4. Support the departments in improving Strength of Workplace scores.
    5. Develop professional competencies to further the company's Mission.
    6. Develop and deliver training
    programs to help employees and
    managers meet the company's goals.
    7. Support the enhancement of performance through competitive positioning, policies and programs. 1. Retain existing employees.
    2. Hire three new employees.
    3. Create new organization chart.
    4. Raise department score from 2.67 to 4.0.
    5. Training for new and existing employees.
    6. Determine if internet sales are a viable
    7. Devise a plan to increase international sales.

    Activities Supporting goal one:
    Benchmarking jobs to recruit top-notch employees and retain existing employees.
    Supporting goal two:
    Determine if the company needs to hire employees from internal or external sources.
    Supporting goal three:
    Select candidates to interview. Partner with Sales and Marketing Manager.
    Supporting goal four:
    Identify competencies. Develop and validate models
    Supporting goal five:
    Develop implementation of evaluation plans.
    Supporting goal six:
    Re-evaluate internal development program, which includes computer-based learning.

    Supporting goal seven:
    Provide professional training for promotional opportunities.
    Supporting goal one:
    Re-work organizational chart to determine the best way of utilizing existing and new employees.
    Supporting goal two:
    Identify job functions for both new and existing employees. Partner with HR.
    Supporting goal three:
    Set a schedule for an on-going training program.
    Supporting goal four:
    Set concrete and measurable sales goals. Daily, weekly and montly meetings with the staff to chart progress.
    Supporting goal five:
    Set up interviews for candidates. Partner with HR
    Supporting goal six:
    Develop mentoring program with new and existing employees.

    Supporting goal seven:
    Ensure that each employee has an individual development plan.
    Performance Standards

    Goals 1.

    Activities 1.
    3. 1.
    Interview Questions 1. Tell me about a time when one of your key contacts changed. How long did it take for you to establish a relationship with your customers?
    2. Tell me about one of your most difficult clients. What did you do to keep their business? 1. What are the most effective techniques used to develop his or her skills?
    2. There are many obstacles that can keep a team from accomplishing its goals. Describe a time when you were able to remove obstacles to achieve a goal.

    Top Five Personal Strengths Maximizer.
    WOO. 1.
    Three Complimentary Strengths 1.

    Department Strength of Workplace Score
    4.5 - No immediate action needed. Review the strength of workplace questionnaire below and identify actions that you believe will raise the scores high enough to raise the overall score to a 4.0.
    Department Purpose Statement

    Goals No work is necessary at the HR Supervisor Level. 1. Implement new strategies for selling.
    2. Determine the demand in new markets.
    3. Determine cost-effective ways advertise.
    4. Look for ways to maximize sales.
    Activities No work is necessary at the HR Supervisor Level. 1. Analyze surveys to determined demand for the product.
    2. Partner with Operations and Production for the most cost efficient way to manufacture the product.
    3. Identify demographics for product.
    4. Partner with the Accounting department for a budget on the new website.
    Tasks No work is necessary at the HR Supervisor Level. 1.

    Performance Standards No work is necessary at the HR Supervisor Level. 1.

    Strength of Workplace Questionnaire
    Your department's Strength of Workplace score is 2.67. What will you do to improve that score to a 4.0? Reflect on your u2d2 activity and identify techniques you can employ as the department manager to raise the score to a 4.0. Complete this by the end of Unit 9.
    1: Strongly disagree, 2: Disagree, 3: Neutral, 4: Agree, 5: Strongly Agree
    1 Do I know what is expected of me at work? 2
    2 Do I have the materials and equipment that I need to do my work right? 2
    3 At work, do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day? 2
    4 Do I receive recognition or praise for good work? 4
    5 Does my supervisor, or someone at work, seem to care about me as a person? 2
    6 Is there someone at work who encourages my development? 4
    7 At work, do my opinions seem to count? 2
    8 Does the mission and purpose of my company make me feel like my work is important? 1
    9 Are my co-workers committed to doing quality work? 4
    10 Do I have a best friend at work? 3
    11 Does anyone ever talk to me about my progress? 4
    12 At work, have I had the opportunities to learn and grow? 2
    Your Department's Average Score 2.67

    Ideas or techniques to raise the overall score to 4.0

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