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    Strategic Management Process/Vision, Goals and Objectives

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    I just need some guidance and help regarding this case assignment. I would appreciate a detailed guide responding to this. Your help would mean a lot as I understand that you are not trying to finish my work for me. Your assistance would mean a lot. Thank you.


    In the Session Long Project (SLP) of MGT599, we will create a "strategic toolkit," which once assembled, will allow you to undertake strategic planning and implementation projects in any organization. Upon completion of each SLP assignment, you will immediately be able to put a specific skill to work, and you will be capable of completing the Case assignment in each module. The goal of the SLP is thus one of skill-building â?" i.e., in each module we will focus on developing a skill for a different phase of the strategy-making process. Throughout this course, you should complete the SLP before you complete the Case. Before you begin the SLP, you need to read the background materials thoroughly.

    Required Reading

    Welch, J., & Welch, S. (2008). State your business: Too many mission statements are loaded with fatheaded jargon. Play it straight. Business Week, (4066)80. Retrieved from: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/08_02/b4066080139784.htm?chan=search

    In this module, you will be learning what constitutes a good mission and vision statement. You will also be developing a list of criteria for evaluating such statements. You will then use these criteria to evaluate a corporate vision and mission statement in the Case.

    Keys to the Assignment

    The key aspects of this assigned that should be covered in your paper include:

    Step 1: Read the background materials and conduct additional research on websites dedicated to writing mission statements. You may rely solely on the websites in the background materials or supplement them if you wish. You will find that there are a great many opinions on what constitutes a "good" mission statement. Your job is to identify five criteria that YOU believe are crucial to devising good mission statements.

    Step Two: Research the background websites dedicated to writing vision statements. Again, you may supplement them if you wish. Identify five criteria you think are critical to good vision statements.

    Step Three:
    List the five criteria you have chosen for mission and vision (5 each). This can be a bulleted list.
    Justify your choices. Explain why you think these particular criteria are important.
    Compare what the two lists have in common and in what ways they differ.
    Assignment Expectations

    Your paper will be evaluated on the following points:

    Precision - Does the paper address the question(s) or task(s)?
    Breadth - Is the full breadth of the subject, i.e., all the keys to the assignment, addressed?
    Depth - Does the paper address all elements of the topic in sufficient depth? Does it include and apply the background readings and other background resources? Are they included as references?
    Application - Are the concepts of the module appropriately applied to the subject organization?
    Organization - Is the paper organized in a coherent and systematic manner? Are headings included in all papers greater than 2 pages?
    Clarity - Is the writing clear and the concepts articulated properly? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means of response to the questions, or are thoughts conveyed through excessive use of quotations?
    Referencing (citations and references) - Does the paper use citations and quotation marks where appropriate? Are all references listed in the bibliography used and referred to via citation?

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    You will find that there are a great many opinions on what constitutes a "good" mission statement. Your job is to identify five criteria that YOU believe are crucial to devising good mission statements.

    Mission Statement Criteria

    Focuses on satisfying customer needs instead of the product. In business the customer is the most important element, next to the product and quality of service.
    States who the companies customers are. Clearly defines the target audience and who the company is marketing to.
    Expresses which consumer needs the company is trying to satisfy. This entices consumers to patronize a business.
    Explains how the company intends to services it clients. Service delivery methods are critical in conveying this message.
    Should be ...

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