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    Strategic Management Process & Analysis for Coca-Cola

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    Conducting a strategic analysis of The Coca-Cola Company. Most companies have something that resembles a vision, mission, set of values, and or stated goals/objectives that define who the company is and how the company plans to do business. However, organizations may not always label these statements properly - calling a vision a mission, or calling their values a set of beliefs. Sometimes, they do not have a mission at all, operating instead on a set of goals.

    1. Critically evaluate the vision, mission statement, and goals/objectives of Coca-Cola.

    2. Look at the most recent Annual Report.

    3. Critical assessment of the quality of the vision, mission, values and goals.

    4. Determine which (if any) of the elements consider the goals and needs of specific stakeholder groups. Write down any examples.

    5. Consider what changes are needed to improve the vision and mission statements, statement of values, and statement of objectives/goals.

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    Strategic Management- Coca Cola Company:

    Coca Cola Company is one of the leading companies in non alcoholic beverages production and distribution. The company has a mission of refreshing, inspiring and creating value for its customers to make a difference. The company's vision on the other hand involves inspiring people, ensuring profitability, enhancing productivity, and nurturing a winning network of its customers and suppliers at the same time. The company has the objective of understanding the existing and changing business trends which shape the business to enable it to thrive for over the next ten years to come (DATAMONITOR: The Coca-Cola Company, 2011).

    Annual Report:

    Looking at the coca cola company annual report, ...

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