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Leaders and Strategy

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Course Integration and Reflection

1) What is your opinion on the QUESTIONS below?

a) Strategic Management Process/Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
b) The External Environment, Internal Profile, and SWOT
c) Strategic Choices
d) Strategy Implementation and Strategic Controls

In this final Discussion thread, please address the following:

1. What concepts were most interesting to you?

2. What concepts and ideas will be most useful to you?

3. How do you believe you will use the concepts you have learned in the future?

4. What actions will you take in the future to improve yourself and your abilities in these two areas?

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Solution Summary

Leaders and Strategy are examined. What the concepts are the most interesting are determined.

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1. What concepts were most interesting to you?

Strategic Management Process/Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. This is the most important area of content to focus on as without a vision, mission, and leader, there can be no success in business. Therefore, the most prosperous businesses begin with a vision that is guided by the leader who provides employees with a mission as well as the resources and tools necessary to achieve the goals and objectives.

2. What ...

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