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    VP of Strategy's Responsibility: Maga Corporation

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    Maga Corporation has appointed you as VP of strategy. Choose two of the leadership challenges that are presented by Gaur. Develop, and support with evidence and sound reasoning, a plan to overcome these challenges that you will present to the board of directors.

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    Guar (2006) "Globalization has altered all aspects of business and to compete successfully in this environment a different set of competencies is needed. The traditional sources of competitive advantage are shifting, and knowledge is emerging as the leading source of competitive advantage" (p. 150). Globalization is challenging for business leaders as it forces them to use their strategic thinking and the ability to embrace change. These are the two most challenging factors that all leaders must face especially within a Maga Corporation.

    Management of the Mega Corporation has appointed me as VP with high expectation that I will ...

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    The Vice-President of Strategy sole responsibility is to research, plan, update, present, and manage an organization's strategic goals. The Solution provides an analysis of two leadership challenges as they relate to strategy.