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    Human Resources Management: Ethics

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    I have a questions based on a scenario (which is down below) that need to be answered. I would appreciate if someone can assist me. Thank you!


    1. Describe the involvement of the vice-president's role with respect to the virtual team. Was the VP acting in an ethically responsible manner?

    2. The VP is you mentor with respect to this and future virtual team projects. What is your ethical responsibility given what you know or strongly suspect?

    3. With respect to the teams you will be creating, what ethically sound measures would you put in place to ensure each team member's contribution is fairly evaluated?

    4. As trust is an essential component for proper group functioning and individual morale, what ethically appropriate measures would put in place to ensure a good level of trust among workers geographically separated?


    You have been appointed as a Human Resources section manager in a large global corporation. The firm is an industry leader producing training and organization development guides. One of your major assignments will be to create a division devoted to managing virtual teams responsible for developing new training materials or updating existing ones. The time line extends 12 months into the future. The position involves monitoring an existing virtual team while being mentored by your manager, the vice president of HR. With a full understanding of the benefits of virtual teams enhanced by today's technology, you are aware of the need for trust among virtual team members. The virtual team you are monitoring is working on one of the firm's most sought after program guides.

    The VP of HR appointed all the members of the team and one person to be the team leader. None of the team members knows the other team members and they, individually, only communicate with the team leader. The team leader only reports directly to the VP.

    In following the team you come to realize that no team member knows what their teammates are contributing to the project. In fact, the team is functioning as a group with each member only working on a section of the project. The virtual team members are scattered across the country, many in different time zones.

    Two months into your mandate, the virtual team's work is completed and it is a brilliant success. Five months into your mandate, the annual corporate awards banquet is scheduled. The virtual team leader, who lives close to the corporate offices, is in attendance. It becomes apparent she was the only member of the team invited to the banquet. Confirming you suspicions of the last few months, that the team leader was taking full credit for the team's output, she was singularly acknowledged for the work on the corporation's most popular program guide.

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    Thank you for the chance to work with you. I hope to work with you again. Please find my response below...

    1. Describe the involvement of the vice-president's role with respect to the virtual team. Was the VP acting in an ethically responsible manner?
    The VP was definitely not acting in a ethically responsible manner and, despite the success may have actually hampered the teams effectiveness. Her role, was not to effectively manage the team, but rather to use them.
    1) The VP set up the team, so that communication went through the Team Leader only. This prevented the team members from collaborating which could have enhanced their ability discuss and improve the training material.
    2) Most importantly, the VP took full credit for a project which was the result of a team effort. The VP risks damaging the careers of the team she created. As a result of her actions, the team she created is not getting credit for their ...

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