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    HR Roles and Responsibilities

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    Describe the changing role of HR management in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.

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    Human Resources and HR professionals are in constant change and upheaval. The changes brought by globalization, technology, and business on the internet and issues dealing with diversity mean that companies have to work to keep up with the changes. Each professional must stay aware of changes in rules, laws, and the environment in which the company works.
    Among the most important issues for Human Resources is the globalization move for companies to outsource labor overseas. Cheaper, skilled and educated employees are enticing to employers. The quality of the employees is high, but paying them is much cheaper, in some cases as little as a tenth of what a United States resident might be paid (HCM,2010). This means those not only are human resources leaders working with ...

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    HR Roles and responsibilities are examined.