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how consumer-product relationships influence consumers decis

Describe your experiences or observations with product positioning within marketing strategy through analyzing how consumer-product relationships influence consumer decision making, application of strategies toward product positioning, and integration of promotional strategies within a marketing plan. In what ways does your company operate with these factors, and how effective has it been? If your company involved with these factors or you were not involved with them, indicate how you think they would help your company and in what way?

product: PROACTIV

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My product observation will be PROACTIV

If you are in the USA, when you google acne medicine, Proactiv will be the first on your list. The marketing people in this organization are truly experts, many buyers of Proactiv are not at all pleased with how the product works, but clearly, given its successful sales rate and consumer base, millions are convinced they need and want an ongoing system of fighting acne. Isn't it something that all businesses want? Let's take a look at the advertisement on TV first, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Vanessa Williams who thank the product for their currently flawless ...