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    Managed Care Plans and Marketing of Prescription Medications

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    Do you feel managed care plans are the solution to the health care crisis in the United States?
    Support your response. Give an example.

    How do you feel direct marketing affects the cost of prescription medications?

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    Personally, I do not feel that managed care plans are a solution to the health care crisis we are facing in the U.S, because the burden of the cost has been placed on middle-class families that are already struggling. My family is part of an HMO. In the past couple of years, our plan has increased in price every year, which has meant additional pre-tax contributions from my husband's paycheck. Not only has the ...

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    This 343 word solution provides an example from a middle-class family of how healthcare affects their bottom line. It is an opinion commenting on the damaged state of the American healthcare system, and how marketing practices are driving up prescription drug costs, and may be leading to compromised clinical standards.