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Managed health care and physicians' turnover

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American Medical Group Association (AMGA). (2011, April 18).

Briefly summarize the article and its key points, and analyze the article in relationship to the information in text (Managed Care & Health Insurance). Find at least one peer-reviewed article that supports or refutes the discussion and include this in your analysis.

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The article studies the increasing turnover of physicians and looks at its relationship with managed health care.

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The turnover of physicians has been on the rise, according to the findings of the 6th annual physician retention survey from Cejka search and the American Medical Group Association.

While the 2008 economic downturn and falling home sales caused physicians to delay their retirement and relocation plans, the positive growth in GDP and the improvement in home sales since 2010 has motivated more physicians to retire or relocate.

While physician shortages is envisaged to continue, this has not hindered an exponential growth in medical facilities. Medical facilities are now developing new health care models that will increase patient access .

The study uncovers the fact that the physician turnover rates are highest for young, full time female physicians and pre retirement male physicians. The study also shows that more physicians are choosing to be employed in medical facilities now and more women are pursuing medical careers.

Medical facilities are also addressing the problem of physician turnover, by initiating physician satisfaction and retention programs. This is done through mentoring programs, leadership opportunities and flexible work options.

The survey also reveals that medical groups use various techniques to improve physician retention. This is done through the following initiatives:

1. Encouraging physicians to delay their retirement in some circumstances.

2. Offering flexi hours, no call or reduced call.( Call is when physicians have to rush to the facility in case of an emergency admission or situation)

3. Offering part time employment

4. Mentoring programs

The survey also predicts that there will be accelerating demand for all classes of physicians- primary care, specialists and advanced practitioners, by health care groups , as ...

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