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    Public Policy and the Growth of Managed Care

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    Describe how public policy has impacted the growth of managed care.
    Choose two examples, one from the state government and another from the federal government.
    Which organization do you believe is more restrictive in its policy?

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    Describe how public policy has impacted the growth of managed care.

    Public policy has changed many ways that managed care has changed. One of the major efforts of public policy was to allow people to put money aside for health needs and pay a lower insurance payment and another was to supply prescription drug plans for Medicare participants to combat the high price of medications. With these two changes, some people who formerly belonged to managed care programs could make alternative decisions based on their needs and monetary abilities.

    The major change in health care at the federal level came decades ago when the government began federal subsidies for community hospitals. These subsidies allowed the building of more and more hospitals. Some were necessary; others were needed. As the largest health care expense for people and insurance, these hospitals were able to gain larger shares of the health care pie.

    In recent years, there has been a continuing decline for hospital beds, ...

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