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    Future Trends in Public Health Law & Policy

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    Identify and briefly discuss the future trends in public health law and policy.

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    Future trends in public health law appear to be focused in part on the impact of technology on health. For instance, according to the HIMSS State Advisory Roundtable, a group that offers guidance for state legislators, policy should address healthcare in relation to mobile delivery in terms of delivery and standards, as well as overall transformed patient care as a result of technology. In addition, the group mentions the ability of advancements in technology to add to communication between doctors and patients but the need for public policy to address privacy and security (HIMSS, 2012-2013).

    Another important trend will be addressing the "shifts in sociodemographic composition of the US population" (Johnson, Sabo, & Baker, 2006). Our population is ...

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    This solution suggests future trends in public health law and policy. APA formatted references are included.