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    Legislative and Judicial Branches in Health Policy

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    Understanding of the legislative and judicial branches. Write the roles of the legislative and judicial branches in health policy. Describe the relationship between the two branches in regard to health policy. Assess where conflict between the two may and does occur.

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    Role of Legislative and Judicial Branches

    The USA has the three branches of government namely executives, legislative and judicial branches for policy or law making in the economy. The legislative and judicial branches of USA play an important role in health policy. The legislative branch consists of the elected officials, who represent US citizens. The legislative branch passages the public law for entire country enacted through policy making as it is the law making entity of US government (Lundy & Janes, 2009). The legislative branch analyzes the impact of policy as per the proposals of House of Representatives and Senate. The policies are analyzed in terms of safeguarding the people from harms and promote heath for them. This branch also determines which department or agency will implement the health policy. It also plays a primary role in funding the program, which is spent by agency or department only after the permission of legislative branch (Porche, 2011).

    The judicial branch consists of the people appointed by the president and confirmed by Senate. This branch also plays an ...

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