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Lobbyists and the Media

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A formal study of the three branches of government and the way they impact intergovernmental relations necessarily focuses on the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. However, lobbyists and the mainstream media increasingly have a role in how the branches of government interrelate, and how the federal government interacts with the state governments. Do you believe that the impact of lobbyists and the media upon the different branches of government represents a positive influence upon intergovernmental relations? What steps, if any, would you take to regulate the behavior of lobbyists and the media? Do you agree, as does the United States Supreme Court, that lobbyists and the media have a First Amendment right to inject themselves into the public policy process?

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Lobbyists and the Media:

The three branches of government are composed of the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. The executive branch is one which the president heads and in which he conducts federal laws, deals with the national defense as well as foreign policy, and conducts ceremonial duties. The legislative branch on the other hand is headed by Congress which constitutes of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Their main task herein is to come up with laws. Finally the judicial branch, which is headed by the Supreme Court, is charged with Constitution interpretation, the reviewing of laws and in decision making regarding cases that involve the rights' of states (The Three Branches of Government, 2008).

Given the distinction and ...

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