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Implications of collecting financial contributions to political parties and candidates

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Discuss the ways that political parties and candidates are able to gain contributions. Considering this, what are some of the debates over how it is obtained and if there should be stronger limitations. Make a case for one side or show the pros and cons of each.

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Political parties and their candidates receive money in many ways. The candidates are often limited in where and how they gain contributions, but there are fewer limitations on parties. Therefore, candidates are supported through contributions to the parties as well, funneled through the legal avenues of the systems.

PACs and organizations that have political agendas are one way to gain contributions. Another is from lobbyists and employees of companies that also contribute to parties and candidates. Grassroots organizations, regular non affiliated people contribute and the candidates themselves fund campaigns through personal contributions.

I have included a chart for you to use to complete the essay. http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/contriblimits.shtml

While candidates are limited in the amount they can gain from individuals and other ...

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The solution discusses collecting financial contribution to political parties.

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