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Geopolitics regarding greenhouse gas international policy

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Why do you feel there is debate about policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How can science help resolve the debate? please list references, thanks...

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Hi There,

This is an opinion question with any number of acceptable responses. The key is to clearly state your opinion and provide support. Below I've listed some of my opinions, please select from them some ideas which best match your views in order to form your response:

Why is there debate?

First off, anytime you involve a number of varied interests in making a decision, there will be debate. This is a global policy issue with governments, industry, scientists, and environmentalists all with a place at the table, so of course it will be hard to find consensus. (You may want to support this claim with an example, either another example of a global policy issue with debate, such as nuclear proliferation, or even something more commonplace, like trying to have a large group decide on where to go for dinner).

Further, there are 4 main reasons I believe this issues is debated:

1) Economics - No one country or company wants to be the first to make a change to policy which, while addressing greenhouse gases, may impact the profitability or competitiveness of the entity. (Do you want to be the first to take a leap of faith - for example would you be the first to jump from a ...

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In this solution I describe four main reasons for international debate regarding greenhouse gas policy. The reasons include: economics, blame, abstractness, and media. For each major reason I explain what scientists can do to move the debate forward.

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