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Plan for uniform pollution control standards

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Propose a plan for unifom global control standards and how to enforce them, take a position on whether wealthy nations have an obligation to provide poorer nations with, or help them develop, greener industries and sources of energy.

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Propose a plan for uniform global control standards and how to enforce them
International instruments can be employed jointly by groups and nations. Climate change, carbon emissions, and pollution is are common global problems. For a policy to succeed, it must take into account that all nations do not benefit proportionately from greenhouse gas abatement policies (Stavin, 1997). For instance, Canada and Russia may gain from climate change because of the effects of increased temperature and precipitation on agriculture (Stavin, 1997). Since for some countries, cost of control may exceed benefits, for international agreement to be successful, it must include a clause that transfers gains to countries that would otherwise not benefit from joining the agreement. This could be achieved by imposing uniform standards on ...

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The expert develops a plan for uniform pollution control standards.

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