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Government and Environmental Health Laws

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1. How have the government agencies been able to assess the gravity of the issue?
2. Which one is the most important environmental health law that has been introduced within the past few years and why?
3. Analyze the intended impact of environmental health laws on your local community.
4. What are the laws that were in effect, or should have been in effect, at the time when the environmental issue occurred?

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Environmental Health
1. How have the government agencies been able to assess the gravity of the issue?
The government agencies assess the gravity of the environmental health issue by organizing the United States Environmental Protection Agency whose mission is to protect human health and the environment. The EPA's purpose is to ensure that all citizens are protected from risks to human health and environment where they live, learn , and work. The government agencies develop and enforce regulations by writing regulations issue by Congress. They set national standards that states should enforce through their regulations. They enforce their regulations and help companies understand the requirements. Government agencies are trying to ...

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The country air, water, and animals are polluted, filthy, and almost extinct, respectively. The environmental laws are passed to protect and safeguards the environment from being dirty, filthy, and polluted. Below are a number of environment laws that we all should be familiar with.

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