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International Business Ethics: Example Problem

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Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such as Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore. You have been asked by the chief executive officer (CEO) to research what has been happening in these countries in terms of environmental legislation and laws regarding wages and hours. He has asked you to prepare a report that addresses the following information:

Describe the level of environmental regulation in any 2 of these countries.
Describe the 2 selected countries' versions of wage and working-hour legislation.
Use the Library and other Internet resources to find the legislation for the specific countries.
Select 2 of the 4 East Asian countries to analyze for this assignment. Use the Library and other Internet resources to answer the following questions for each selected country:

What is the country's environmental regulation level?
What kind of legislation has been passed in the country regarding working hours and wages?
Do you think the country's environmental regulation is sufficient? Explain.
Do you feel that the country's hour and wage legislation is ethical? Explain.

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This solution discusses international business ethics.

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In Thailand, environmental activists are beginning to see results of their efforts.
Recent efforts to address issues of toxic waste have been successful. Thailand's
Administrative court has halted expansion or development of industry at one site and has
called for environmental impact studies at other sites, before companies can further develop
or enter industrial zones (Hookway & Watcharasakwet, 2010). The country is experiencing
growth in the number of environmental protestors and environmental activism is increasing
rapidly. Many of the protestors or activists are farmers, whose crops have been harmed or
destroyed by industry. Though courts have been deciding in favor of the environment, the
Thai Government is not necessarily in agreement, that further restrictions and environmental
impacts need to be considered.
In 1998, Thailand developed a new minimum wage rate. The minimum rate is
different for each major metropolitan or industrial area, but is expected to be strictly adhered
to. An employer who disregards the minimum wage requirement may face imprisonment,
fine or both (Panwa Accounting, 2011). The maximum number of hours an individual can
work is 48. However, those working in jobs that are considered hazardous or harmful to
health, are limited to 7 hours per day or 42 hours per week. Overtime cannot exceed 36 hours
and employers cannot force employees to work overtime. All employees are ...

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