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    Preventing Selfish Managerial Behaviour & Inertia

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    What kind of ethical code should an organization create to try to prevent the selfish managerial behaviors that can contribute to inertia? How can your organization use ethics to encourage managers to maintain a risk-taking attitude that benefits all stakeholders?

    Response must be 175 words and have examples.

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    Selfish managerial behaviors that contribute to inertia would mean that a satisfying level of performance is pursued by the managers. The inertia would lead to decline in product innovation/development, disregard for the latest technology, and a decline in market share.
    The company's ethical code should stress the importance of innovation, technological progress, and overall growth. Also, the ethical code should ask managers to act in good faith responsibly with ...

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    The answer to this problem explains the importance of code of ethics in improving the management of a company. The references related to the answer are also included.