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Code of Ethics: Dilemmas of Managers

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I need some help answering the following questions about managers and ethical dilemmas. Can you please help me get started?

Managers have many opportunities to pursue their own interests and can use their power to take advantage of subordinates, limit their freedom, and even steal their ideas. At the same time, managers may have a natural tendency to become risk averse. In light of these ethical dilemmas, answer the following:

a. What kind of ethical code should an organization create to try to prevent the selfish managerial behaviors that can contribute to inertia? Give an example

b. How can your organization use ethics to encourage managers to maintain a risk-taking attitude that benefits all stakeholders? Give an example

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a) The ethical code created by the organization that should prevent selfish managerial behavior should be one that protects the interests of employees. This will prevent selfish behavior by managers that can contribute to inertia. Examples of items in such a code of conduct include:
- The mangers will give due credit to the contributions of other employees, including ideas provided by the employees.
- ...

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The answer to this problem explains how the code of ethics can resolve moral dilemmas for managers. The references related to the answer are also included.

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