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Medicare managed- care health plans

Give a quick overview of Medicare, and discuss 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of enrolling in a Medicare-managed care plan.

If eligible, would you choose to enroll in a plan? Why or why not?

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Medicare is a federally funded medical plan for Americans ages 65 and over that covers medical expenses, doctor's visits, hospital stays, drugs etc. In 1965 Congress passed a law that established Medicare. In 1972 that law was amended to include the disabled and those who suffer from end stage renal disease. Medicare operates similarly to a single-pay health system.

Medicare consists of two main parts: Parts A and B as well as two additional parts that provide extra flexibility and prescription drugs- Parts C and D.
Part A: Hospital insurance that paysd for hospital stays. It includes meals, medical supplies needed to help the ...

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This solution provides an overview of Medicare insurance and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare managed-care plans.