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    Analysis paper on leadership

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    I need help with this assignment. I need to prepare a brief analysis on leadership.

    I need to use at least 4 external resources and have to use APA style at an MBA study level.

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    // Leadership is one of the most important functions that leads towards the achievement of goals of the organization. Through this paper we will have an analysis on the concept of leadership in the organizations, with the help of its factors, styles and theories //.


    The organizational effects are generated and influenced by a lot of factors and one out of the several factors is Leadership. Leadership is regarded as one of the most important ingredient to be present in an organization for the successful accomplishment of the goals of the organization. In the 19th century, it was a general notion that a very limited number of individuals are endowed with the quality of leading others successfully, and so the abilities of leadership were believed to be inherent. But, with the passage of time, the notion got changed and people started believing that the skills of leadership can also be acquired and not necessarily are inherent.

    Meaning of Leadership

    Leadership is said to be a process by which a person works towards influencing others for the effective and timely achievement of aims and objectives of the organization as a whole. Leadership can only be said to be effective when the leader posses the skills and knowledge to guide and motivate the employees towards the goal achievement. There are certain characteristics that the leaders are required to be possessed with, for the purpose of performing the duties in a well organized manner. They should be capable of initiating actions, competent in planning and decision making, capable of communicating ideas in an organized and effective manner and should also be well aware of their roles and responsibilities. The leadership is therefore, regarded as a function that maintains a complex relationship between the leader and the situation (Oladunni, 2003).

    Factors of leadership

    Leader: A leader should be the one who is aware of what he/she is doing and what he/she is capable of doing. The leader becomes successful only when the followers believe them as successful and therefore, the leader must convince the followers for the same and that can only be done if a leader works in total collaboration and involvement with the followers (Northouse & Northouse, 2009).

    Followers: All the followers cannot be treated with the same style of leadership. For example, a new employee always requires more amounts of training and supervision as compared to an old employee. In the same way, a person who is less motivated should be required to be treated with a different style of leadership. Hence, it is important for the leader to know and understand the needs and attributes of each of his followers so that he/she can come up with the most appropriate plan and style of leading (Western, 2007).

    Situation: The situations arising in an organization may be entirely different from each other that means, what a leader do in one condition or situation may not work in another situation. Therefore, the leader must be capable of using his/her judgment in order to decide what course of action is to be undertaken at what situation, so that the task or problem can be solved without any hindrance.

    Communication: Communication is also one of the most significant ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1980 words with references.