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    Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River Case

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    Using the appropriate organizational analysis format continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River by focusing on groups and organizational processes. Continue writing your "notes" in a paper addressing groups and organizational processes.

    While engaging the analytical process keep in mind the differences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen and continue to think in terms of what would work at the Wyoming facility and why. Include your thoughts on these issues with your analysis paper; you can either incorporate them into the analysis or add them as side notes.


    Will Work Groups & Teams work at Green River, why or why not?
    What are the differences in Leadership at both facilities? How will changes at Green River need to be implemented to match Leadership skills?
    How does the communication process differ between Green River and Abeerden? Could Green River effectively use the unique communication process adopted by Aberdeen?

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    In references to the Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River Case, this solution addresses the questions of leadership and group processes through discussion and providing extra information for further expansion.