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Organizational behavior

Using the appropriate organizational format continue your analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River .Remember you learned a succesful organization understands cultural differences uses the culture and group dynamics to overcome management challenges ,implement strategic initiatives ,and business opportunities .By focusing on organizational structure and organizational culture what strategies will Dailey need to consider as he plans to build intergroup relations and further develop the Green River facility organizationally?

While engaging the analytical process keep in mind the differences that exist between FMC and Green River and continue to think in terms of what would work at the Wyoming facility and why?
1-background ,2- situation analysis ,3- alternative s and recommendations , 4- implementation step by step approach to analysis ,5- define the situation , 6- assemble and analyse the key data ,7- identify any necessary additional information ,8- state your assumptions ,9- draw your initial conclusions . 10- Indicate possible alternatives and their expected outcomes .11- make your recommendations ,12- prepare a plan for implementing your recommendations. 13-prepare contingency plans .

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Aberdeen and Green River are both plants that work under the FMC corporation. Aberdeen is a fairly new company that was founded on the beliefs of participative management and empowerment to its employees.
Both units also had a common link to the FMC corporate image and objectives and thus had some similar operatingvalues and systems. The new manager also knew that productivity in the Aberdeen plant had grown dramatically since its opening and that costs had continued to drop. Finally, the new manager felt that the principles and values upon which the Aberdeen system were built aligned well with his own. The main individual who is the decision maker is Kenneth Dailey. In the past it was the charisma of Bob Lancaster.
The groups of individuals who matter now are the persons who have returned after they have studied the Aberdeen model and United Steel Workers of America.
In addition there were teams of between 3 to 16 workers with a self-elected leader. These work teams were the fundamental organizational units. Each team had a safety person, a supply person and a quality person to look after the needs of the organization.

Situation Analysis
At the inceptiont, Aberdeen had only a single customer, while Green River had over 100and distributed its products worldwide. Furhter, ~Aberdeen facility employed only 100 people, while Green River had 1,150. In addition, Aberdeen produced basically a single product, while Green River had several product lines. Adding to that, Aberdeen had been a new start-up five years ago, while the fir e sev I Green River plants was begun in 194R---Dailey was supervising the start-up three new plants in his complex this year, though, and recognized that similarity. Finally the two units functioned in very different industries-
One force in the environment that is likely to be most difficult for FMC Green River to manage is the inaccessibility of the facilities due to breakdown. Another problem relates to breakdown in infrastructure. The problems may start from supplies reaching late, to shipments being delayed and roads being blocked. Purely from the perspective of an employee, he is anxious that his career may suffer simply because of the poor communication facilities and that his supervisors are not sympathetic to his plight. Further, there is danger of power breakdowns and the employee feels that his goals are not achievable because of reasons beyond his control.
The need to manage these exigencies can easily be managed by creating collective identity and commitment and creation of shared expectations.
Over the three facilities that is at Green River and Aberdeen the structure that is appropriate is the spatial differentiation, where work si dividend according to geographical locations. However, in case of Green river, a personal differentiation is appropriate where work is divided according to the personal specialty.

Alternatives and Recommendations
Organization culture in FMC should be emotionally charged so that there is a creation of collective identity and commitment toward the company. The culture should be collective and historically based so that there is creation of organizational order and continuity. ...