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    Micro and Macro Organizational Behavior

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    Please provide an abstract and an outline which summarizes the difference between Macro and Micro Organizational Behavior. Please also include any references you use to create this Solution.

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    The abstract is a one-paragraph communication to prospective consumers of the research. It briefly gives the important details and focus of the report. It is usually only 100-120 words in length. The below is 114 words.
    This paper will discuss the nature of organizational behavior as a general practice among companies as well as a focus on macro and micro organizational behavior. Organizational behavior leads to the development of organizational culture and how a company dictates their behavior and culture in terms of the macro and micro factors can predict the overall success of the company. Important considerations are given to the areas of high level viewpoints, areas of exploration, and benefits of macro organizational behavior as well as the granular level, employee involvement, and benefits of micro organizational behavior. The reasons for studying macro and micro organizational behavior including how both relate to organizational success are discussed and explored.


    For the outline, I used much of the same information I've already given you in the topic selections as it would seem that you are working toward putting together a larger paper and the same information would be valid. I have also added some new info. If you need something different than this, please let me know and I can make adjustments.


    I. "Organizational behavior studies organizations from multiple viewpoints and levels, including behavior within the organization and in relation to other organizations" (Boundless, 2013, para 1).
    a. The study of organizational behavior is an important aspect in any company as it will assist the leadership with identifying both the micro and macro organizational behavior aspects that are functioning well and which need to be changed in an effort to improve business success.
    b. The impact on the company's leadership, employees, culture, profit, and interactions with other organizations can be explored all through the study of organizational behavior.
    c. This paper will explore organizational behavior including micro and macro organizational behavior as well as how change can affect ...

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    The expert summarizes the differences between Macro and Micro organizational behaviors. References used to create the solution are given.