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Learning in Local and Global Organizational Networks

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In your opinion, what are the vital processes of learning that take place in global and local organisational networks? Analyse the Zellmer-Bruhn and Gibson article with regard to how the macro context in multinational organisations influences work team learning and how team learning influences task performance and interpersonal relations. What are the implications of the findings in this article for how learning takes place in multinational learning networks?

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Breaking your question down into a sequence of questions will make it easier to answer.

First you asked, "In your opinion, what are the vital processes of learning that take place in global and local organizational networks?"

While this is a personal opinion question I should be able to give you some insight based on my opinion and experience. In my professional environment an emphasis on knowledge management, standardized processes, and procedures increases learning in both global and local organizational networks. The Zellmer-Bruhn and Gibson (2006) article backs this up. Likewise I have found that localized learning, when encouraged, is beneficial to the organization at both the micro and macro level as this facilitates team learning at the necessary levels. This also aligns nicely ...

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This write-up analysis the article Multinational organization context: Implications for team learning and performance, written by Zellmer-Bruhn and Gibson from the stand point of organizational learning.