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Organizational Learning

Discuss the conventional model of organizational learning, the characteristics of Chinese firms, and the learning strategies and processes of Chinese firms. For write a detailed report that critically analyses the differences from the conventional model of organizational learning and the learning strategies and processes that are prevalent in the United States. The purpose is to provide information to foreign companies that intend to establish operations in the United States. Please provide as much information as possible based on your knowledge and experiences of local business practices, customs, and traditions in order to correct and/or enhance what is offered in the literature. The aim is to create a formal business report that would help managers in very practical ways to develop an organizational learning strategy for operating effectively with local staff to set up a viable operation in your country. You should consider the areas and organizational learning concepts, for example, the creation of organizational knowledge, social contexts and processes, learning in networks, multinational networks, learning through strategic alliances, and barriers to organizational learning.
Use diverse sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarize or rehash existing work. You are encouraged to use situations and data from your own experience where possible.

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In the conventional model of learning, a master, who was experienced taught an apprentice who began with little or no work related knowledge. The knowledge flowed asymmetrically from the older master to the younger apprentice. In Chinese firms especially, those located in China, the workplace learning is highly valued instead of formal schooling. In Chinese firms, the strategy for learning is to inform the experienced mentor what type of training is required.
The organizational learning model in the US companies is very different. In business a person is required to have formal knowledge. There are professional degrees and the person on the job is expected to have the tools and skill required for the job. In an US company individuals and teams modify their actions according to the difference between expected and obtained outcomes. Cross functional teams are common in the US organizations and the individuals in the team learn working ...

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