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Single loop learning and double loop learning

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1. Explain the difference between single loop learning and double loop learning.
2. What role does individual learning play in organizational learning?
3. What role does knowledge creation and knowledge management play in organizational learning?
4. What role does social learning play in communities of practice (CoPs)?
5. Explain the four combinations of explicit and tacit knowledge and the theory that ties them together.

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Single Loop and Double Loop learning

Single loop learning or day-to-day maintenance learning is basis of experiences for improvement, meeting goals and altering practices of organization. Single loop learning is known as ordinary management and it is based on experience and reflection. In this method, individual and organization learn by changing their routine behavior while double loop learning corrects mistakes by analyzing the policies, values and objectives of organization and then the actions (Mumford & Gold, 2004). Single loop learning involves enabling people to develop knowledge and skills according to the present circumstances. Double loop learning redefines the nature of problems faced by individual and organizations and help in learning how to deal with problem. Single loop learning is also known as exploitation because individuals or organization exploiting the knowledge and learning that they already have. Differently, double loop learning is called explorative because, it is exploration of their thoughts, value and understandings (Brockbank & McGill, 2006). So, it can be said that single loop learning is about correcting an action tosolve or avoid a mistake while double loop learning is to correct the problem by underlying causes behind the problematic action.

Role of Individual Learning in Organizational Learning

Individual learning is not necessary for organizational learning but it plays an important role of setting learning process in motion. Individual act as agents of organizational learning because it is either explicitly or implicitly learning process by the organization. Organizational learning is the changing patterns of policies, procedures and interactions collective of individual learning and continues improvement of operations. Organizational learning is creating knowledge and emphasized the role of the individual (Gorelick, 2005). It is an ongoing process of ...

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