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Crediting your own successes to personal factors and others' successes to factors in the environment (luck, timing, etc.) are aspects of___________-

a. attribution, b. fundamental attribution error, c.self-fulfilling prophecy, or c. single-loop learning


I believe the answer is - fundamental attribution error - is the correct answer. Please answer & why. Thanks!!

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Let's start with an overview of each of these concepts.
Attribution theory is concerned with how individuals interpret events and how this relates to their thinking and behavior. A person seeking to understand why another person did something may attribute one or more causes to that behavior. A three-stage process underlies an attribution: (1) the person must perceive or observe the behavior, (2) then the person must believe that the behavior was intentionally performed, and (3) then the person must determine if they believe the other person was forced to perform the behavior (in which case the cause is attributed to the situation) or not (in which case the cause is attributed to the other person).
Fundamental attribution error is a ...

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The solution provides a comprehensive guide and advise in response to the original problem (see question, long description) by presenting the varied elements that are connected to theories of success & accomplishment in leadership.

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