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Information Technology Management

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Part 1:
Beyond Theory: What Really Makes A Successful IT Manager?
A successful IT manager is one that carries out his role successfully. His role is demanding. He has to plan, develop and implement the IT systems of the company, he has to implement network security, network administration, control and operate his department, and oversee the firm's network system. He upgrades and maintains the telephony system of the firm, is responsible for the operations of the internal system and provides assistance for IT for the entire region. Overall it may appear that the IT manager is a technician, however, this is not true, a successful IT manager is a people person. No IT manager has failed because he did not know the technical specifications of a server, memory system, or software, but IT professionals have failed because they had conflicts with key personnel in their department (2).
We do not mean that the IT manager should not have technical knowledge and should only function on the basis of people's skills, however, he should be able to balance organizational and technical issues and make decision that solve problems rather than create difficulties. The successful IT leader typically involves her team in making some important reasons. These IT leaders become approachable by all team members and they are in a better position to diffuse the tension in the team. Successful IT managers do not at least overtly exercise power or impose decisions on their teams. Successful IT managers recognize that each of their team members is intelligent, and highly skilled professional. When the IT managers recognize the skills of their subordinates, the team members recognize the successful IT managers and a mutual respect develops (1). Successful IT managers make their team members feel valued. He asks team members for their advice. He involves them in important decision ...

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