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    A Discussion Regarding Website Development

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    Task: Create a new chapter in your design document called User Experience. Add the audience definition, and incorporate the scenarios. You could try to integrate the scenarios with the audience definition, but it is probably better to put them in their own section. Next, write up a summary of the competitive analysis and add it to the design document. The competitive analysis itself should be included as an appendix.

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    Step 1
    Define the Audience:
    1. The current students of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management program;
    2. The past students of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management;
    3. The intending students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management;
    4. Students of other programs that require information related to Bachelor of Science in information Technology Management.

    The needs and goals of the students who use the website will be to swap text books, get information for integrating servers and computers, help design a relational database management system, information related to wireless networking, online reference service, helping students brainstorm ideas, provide students access to free textbooks and open source educational materials, and provide availability to the best practice in information technology management.

    Step 2
    Create Scenarios:
    Jack Gray has obtained admission to the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management program. The office has given him a list of text books that he must have before the semester classes begin. He has been given a list of readings that are from these books. When he looks up the prices of ...

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