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Starbucks and Corporate Social Responsibility

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I need to come up with a scholarly article and answer the following questions. This means that the authors need be to be credible. The article should be longer than 5 pages, have a reference list, report on the results of research , have a review of literature, and contain an abstract or summary before the article begins.

The title of my article is:

The three most interesting points of my article are:

This article enhances our discussion by:

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The title of my article is:
Implementing Corporate External Social Responsibility Strategies Through Organizational Design and Operation. Songbai Liu and Lu Liu MBA Education Center, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

The three most interesting points of my article are:
The three most interesting points in this article entail corporations implementing social responsibility, Starbucks dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility decades before this became a corporate catchphrase, and the importance of ensuring that business practices focus on the impact they have on society instead of profit.

This article enhances our discussion by:
The article should enhance the discussion because social responsibility by corporations is now a necessity for any international company, and designing an internal organizational structure within the company that ensures that ...

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This response needs to look at the issue of corporate social responsibility pertaining to Starbucks and an analysis of a scholarly article.

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