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    Stress and Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Describe a challenging workplace situation that you have encountered in the past or are anticipating in the future. Assess your level of stress before, during, and after the situation. Next, create a stress management plan that includes three (3) of the following components: time management, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, and support network. Explain concrete actions you can take in each chosen area to manage the stress the situation causes.

    Review the video below titled "Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Social Responsibility" (2 min 2 s). Next, determine which level of Corporate Social Responsibility (Legal, Ethical, or Benevolent) Starbucks demonstrates based on the information you learned in the video. Suggest two (2) actions other comparable companies could take to increase their level of Corporate Social Responsibility. Provide a rationale for your response.


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    //In the present scenario, the workplace environment is very challenging. In this context, the following section deals with the various issues that are associated with the challenging workplace situations, which increase the level of stress among the employees of an organization.//

    Workplace environment plays a significant role in enhancing employee satisfaction and morale (Clutterbuck, 2003). There are various issues that can pose challenges for the employees. This leads to tension and stress, which can even hamper the employee productivity. In a similar manner, I encountered a situation in the past where I faced problems while handling work-life balance. Due to some commitments to be fulfilled at home and increased workload at the workplace, I came under stress due to which it became difficult for me to strike a balance between the daily chores and work responsibilities.

    To handle such a situation, a stress management plan can be developed including three main components, which are described as follows:

    Time management: The aspect of proper ...

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