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Evaluate organizational responsibility to the community

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a. Evaluate organizational responsibility to the community.
b. Summarize the factors in an organization that influence social responsibility strategies.
c. Identify a social initiative for an organization.

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on evaluating organizational responsibility to the community from an organizational perspective.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

An organization exists for a host of reasons, primary of which is to provide a function or service to a market or a community. Government organizations for example exist to administer, structure, order and safeguard the needs of citizens while companies exist to provide goods and services in exchange for profits. The growth of companies however ensure employment and wealth-creation which in turn raises the quality of life of communities that can be labelled as their stakeholders - employees, clients, consumers, partners, board members, investors, etc. Of late, corporate social responsibility has taken an important turn in that society has come to look at corporate entities in such a way that pushes for the discourse wherein companies as entities must be responsible in their ways of doing business to ensure that they do not harm the environment and have the best interests of the communities they belong to. In this manner, the notion of moral, ethical and legal responsibility as well as the practice of social justice is iterated. Social responsibility to the ...

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