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Divisions of the American Psychological Association

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One of the common misconceptions regarding psychology is that it deals only with the analysis and treatment of persons who either have been diagnosed with mental illness or are emotionally disturbed. Explain why this assumption is partially incorrect. To support your explanation, identify two subfields of psychology and describe in detail what they study.

For a resource, Google the keywords "Divisions of the American Psychological Association" and explore any of the APA divisions. Each division represents a different field of study or subdiscipline of psychology.

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This solution discusses two subfields within the division of the APA

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The importance of the schools of thought or divisions in psychology, and related to research and practice is focused on different areas of psychology or study. For instance, Personality psychologists would be interested in schools of thought that deal with personality and abnormal behavior. Two subfields of psychology listed on the "Divisions of the American Psychological Website" are Developmental Psychology (Division 7), and Society of Personality and Social Psychology (Division 8).

(a) Developmental Psychology (Division 7)

Based on the website, "Developmental Psychology promotes research in the field of developmental psychology and high standards in the application of scientific knowledge to educational, child care, policy, and related settings." For example, studies in Developmental psychology are focused on several processes of human development. From this perspective, development can be operationalized as the pattern of change that begins at conception and continues throughout the lifespan development. For instance, Development psychologists will be interested in schools of thought that concentrate on human development that examines the ...

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