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    Trauma & Disasters: Psychological & Economical Impact

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    I need help with the following questions.

    Trauma could cascade from psychological to economic areas.

    1. Discuss the concept of trauma related to these disasters, as well as construct the lessons that might be taken away from it.

    2. Discuss how trauma affects the above-mentioned areas. I need sources & references.

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    Trauma that arises from natural disasters often is similar to that of the feelings one has after "a terrible event like an accident or rape" (Babbel, 2010), according to the American Psychological Association. The reaction to an overwhelming and distressing event creates an emotional response that can lead to "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)" (Babbel, 2010). The American Psychological Association states that in this state, "feelings become intense and sometimes unpredictable" (Babbel, 2010), victims may experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, confusion and have sleep or eating issues. Largely as a result of the disaster often being sudden and overwhelming. Initially, those affected may feel shock, then denial, or numbness, and ...

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    This detailed solution defines trauma and discusses the psychological and economical impact of natural disasters. Includes APA formatted references.