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    Crisis-responding organizations

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    Compare types of crisis (natural disasters, school shootings, terrorism and military trauma), outlining their similarities and differences.
    Describe the crisis responding roles of national and international organizations for each type of crisis discussed above such as American Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army, National Guard, US Army, International Relief & Development, Mennonite Disaster Service, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    "These organizations respond to many different crisis around the globe in helping those countries and or communities to become stabilized after a natural or man made disaster or crisis such as floods, wars, or tsunamis."

    This last paragraph is what is in my paper. I need more information to do my paper. To give you an idea of what I am doing. I need not just more information, but a better understanding of these crisis and the organizations that respond to them.

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    (1) Compare types of crisis (natural disasters, school shootings, terrorism and military trauma), outlining their similarities and differences.

    (a) Natural disasters—Natural disasters are catastrophic actions blamed on nature such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc.
    (b) School shootings—are shootings from weapons that take place within school buildings or zones
    (c) Terrorism-are wages of conflict, violence and/or terror among various terrorist or violent groups.
    (d) Military trauma—increased distress of persons and the families of persons enlisted in the armed services.

    • In all of these crisis situations is a time of urgent need.
    • All persons in any one of the crises will be desperate to find some hope.
    • The person may be predisposed to the event
    • Individuals experiencing the crisis will have to address the aftermath of the crisis.
    • Each crisis requires a response during and after the crisis
    • Finally, they all have a potential for causing violence or death

    • Compared to school shootings and military training, a natural disaster is the only crisis based on nature.
    • School shootings have been more commercialized than natural disasters (e.g., the making of video games) terrorism or military trauma.
    • Terrorism has been more politicized than natural disasters, school shootings or military trainings
    • Natural disasters present opportunities as well as crises

    Considering the similarities, relative to natural disasters similar to school shootings and military trauma, terrorism and natural disasters present a great number of risk hazards associated with them such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety Disorder (Cannon, 1994). A more formal definition of terrorism is that it is , "A social network formed by alienated young men[and women] who become transformed into fanatic yearning for ...

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    This solution compares types of crises involving natural disasters, school shootings, terrorism and military trauma.