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    Crisis Management in Organizations

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    Crisis management plan

    Crisis to focus on:

    Unexpected death of CEO
    Negative media publicity (sexual harassment)
    Strike upon unionization

    Role of: HR; Top management; Operations personnel; Public relations experts; Legal assistance; Insurance carriers in crisis management planning

    Legal and ethical standard for responding to a crisis event

    human resource management solutions that will be implemented to address the organizational crisis

    post-crisis review with an assessment tool to evaluate the crisis management plan response

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    Every organization should have a crisis management plan set up to guide the HR department, management, organizational executives, and all other organizational employees through what to do when a crisis occurs. It is essential to plan for every possible worst case scenario that could arise. With the crisis of the CEOs unexpected death, negative media publicity due to sexual harassment allegations, and a potential strike of union employees the HR department will need to quickly get in front of the crisis to advert any more potential damage to the reputation of the organization, the companies stock prices, and all stake and shareholders to include the organizational employees.

    * Crisis Communication Plan: This is a plan set forth to that describes how to address the situation with employees, media, customers and stake holders to ensure that all information is that is necessary ...

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    Crisis Management is something that every organization should consider, and devise a solid well defined plan of action. Organizations should always plan for the worst in order to be ready when an issue arises.