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Crisis Management Tools Used

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1. How do public organizations and private organizations differ in crisis management?

2. Discuss successful and unsuccessful crisis management situations. What made the situation successful or unsuccessful?

3. What are some of the causes of crises and how can crises best be avoided?

4. What are appropriate tools leaders bring to a crisis and why?

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1. How do public organizations and private organizations differ in crisis management?

Crisis management is the method used in planning for and mitigating the force of a crisis; it is a vital strategic concern which must be integrated in an overall planning process in any business. A for-profit organizations' principal goal is to make a profit. A nonprofit organization is an agency which is a non-governmental entity incorporated within state law as a charitable not-for-profit organization. Each is formed to provide a public service operation, and each is exempt from paying any taxes. A nonprofit organization is created due to a need to assist others, to construct a safe environment, or to play an active role in modern civilization. Both nonprofit and for-profit organizations deal with crisis management (Hickman & Crandall, 1997).

Nonprofit businesses have fundamental roles in providing services which are deemed significant for the culture. Since they offer imperative services to the public, every attempt must be made to exhibit a necessitation to evaluate crisis watchfulness on all fronts. Crisis management may not take precedent in NPO's because crisis planning entails a massive amount of resources and time, and since NPO's are not as likely to have those deep fiscal pockets they are unable to withstand unpleasant public relation situations. The irony of NPO's however, is without the occurrence of a crisis, there appears ...

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In about 800 words with references, this solution discusses crisis management and how it applies to public and private organizations, successful and unsuccessful crisis management situations, causes of crises and tools leaders can bring to a crisis.