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    Discussion of Business Continuity in a Crisis Situation

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    What are the differences between deliberate planning and crisis management? How would business apply deliberate planning in a crisis situation? In a situation where the plan does not fit the crisis, which tools and considerations are most effective for generating an alternative plan or course of action?

    What are some tools and considerations for testing business continuity plans? Select three of the tools and their applicability and appropriateness of each for business continuity planning? From materials presented in this course, what tools and critical considerations would you recommend for testing a general business continuity plan?

    The government has been in the news recently helping businesses by bailing them out when the BCP's have not worked. Do you believe government should play an active role in this process? Why or why not and if you would like the government to play a role what circumstances should they step in?

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    Let's break this down and examine it section by section:

    -What are the differences between deliberate planning and crisis management?

    I would explain exactly what the definition of each term is, as stated in the class. If your class didn't use an exact definition, then you are fortunate enough to be able to state it in your own words. Remember, when we deliberately plan for something, such as the death of a key employee (ie, CEO), we have a certain element of control over what will happen as a result. Crises, by their very nature, are unplanned and often overwhelm the resources available. An example of this would be Hurricane Katrina. Assume you own a cafe downtown. You don't expect that ...

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