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    Business continuity management: Nuclear power plant

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    Review the e-text and other readings, and pick out five terms or concepts. At least one term must be included from each week's learning (You will need to look ahead for your term from Week 5). "Terms" can be either general or specific.

    Write an essay where you define and explain these five terms and apply them to a critique of management in either a past or present workplace or life experience. Focus should be placed on how to improve the management in your company or life, using what you've learned. For example, you might choose "employee buy-in to the BCP" as a concept. Then, you could write about how your organization's decision-making methods could be improved based on research, text, lecture, etc. material on this topic.

    The Final Exam is to be
    · in APA format (If you were weak in this, by now you should be much better because you've taken advantage of your teammates' knowledge),
    · in MS Word with a title page,
    · an Executive Summary,
    · an introductory paragraph,
    · a discussion portion with graphics and/or charts (If you didn't know how to do this, by now you should have learned from a team member),
    · a conclusion paragraph,
    · and a reference page with at least four references (minimum of three references must come from the articles in the UOP Library).

    A few terms talked about in Business Continuity Management
    Week 1 - Ethical and cultural considerations
    Week 2 - Communication and teamwork
    Week 3 - Business continuity or crisis management
    Week 4 - Risk Analysis or Training employees for Disasters
    Week 5 - Disaster preparedness or exposure to disasters:

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    //As per the guidelines, firstly, we have to write the Executive summary focusing on the 'Management of the Nuclear Power Plant'. The main considerations of the nuclear power plant, such as crisis management, ethical considerations, cultural considerations, etc. will be discussed.//

    Executive summary

    Nuclear power plant is a source of sustainable energy, which increases energy security by decreasing dependency of foreign oil. The management is responsible to take decisions, which help in improving the performance of a company. The management should focus on the ethical and cultural considerations to maintain their moral standards. The ethical consideration also helps maintaining environmental relations. The communication for the teamwork is required for the smooth functioning and flow of information to all the members of a team or a company. Crisis management should be focused to enhance the quality of the work. The employees of a company or a nuclear power plant should be ready to face any disaster. The management should be ready to face any disaster.

    //Before writing about the ethical and cultural considerations, we have to understand the disaster management techniques in nuclear power plant. Then, we will discuss about the ethical and cultural considerations for making the decision making process of the management of the nuclear power plant, effective. We will also talk about the importance of Ethics and Culture for an Organization.//


    This essay explains the five terms, I.e. Ethical and cultural considerations, Communication and teamwork, Business continuity or crisis management, Risk Analysis or Training employees for Disasters and Disaster preparedness or exposure to disasters in general and their application in the critique of management in Nuclear Power Plant. The essay also illustrates how the application of these terms can improve the decision making power and the management of the organization.

    Ethical and cultural considerations

    The study of ethics and culture is the study of how personal moral norms apply to activities and goals of a commercial enterprise. It is not a separate moral standard, but the study of how the business context poses its own unique problems for a moral person who acts as the agent of this system. There is an increasing awareness around the world about ethics practice in business. When an organization operates globally, it is crucial for it to focus on ethical and cultural issues.

    A significant change is occurring in considering business ethics and cultures as central to managing organizations. Companies are formulating value based globally-consistent codes for ethical understanding, cultural considerations and appropriate decision making at all levels even if they face immense external challenges (Prasad, 2008).

    In the past few years, the environmental agenda has become one of the important parts of a nuclear power plant. The issues related to normative components are of high degree. In an organization, ethics and culture need to be focused in an effective manner. The cultural and ethical considerations are not only related to the environmental topics. There is a need of understanding the relationship of cultural and ethical considerations, environmental policy disclosure and its normative content.

    The nuclear power plan should consider both the aspects because these two things are much important for decision making process. The energy supply could be affected ...

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