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Reviewing Energy Use and Developing an Energy Plan

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Your organization is about to review their energy use and develop an energy plan, including as many renewable power sources as possible. You have been asked to prepare a research paper for management about fossil fuel, nuclear energy, and alternative/green power sources.

You will prepare a research paper to discuss the following topics: The law of conservation of energy with an explanation of how this law applies to energy use and energy conversions and the pros and cons of the following:

?fossil fuel: oil, natural gas, and coal
?nuclear energy
?Solar energy
?Wind power
?Water (hydro) power
?Bioconversion (biofuel.

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The solution reviews energy use and develops an energy plan that includes as many renewable power sources as possible.

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Let's start with the law of conservation of energy; which basically states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed, but that it can be converted from one form to another. Forms of energy can include: heat, light, kinetic, and potential.

Fossil Fuels Pro:
Somewhat Plentiful
Readily Converted to Use

Fossil Fuels Con:
Pollution (consider many factors: it usually has to be transported to it's point of use, processing fossil fuels causes pollution, and burning fossil fuels causes pollution)
Often located in areas of geopolitical instability; think embargo's, price fluctuations, wars, et cetera
Often located in remote locations (deep sea, deserts, et cetera)

Discuss how fossil fuels use potential (stored) energy. For example, a plant millions of years ago grew in part to the sunlight. Whether the fossil fuel is derived from the plant itself or an animal that ate the plant is immaterial. The plant or animal eventually died and through geologic processes became a fossil fuel. So, the energy from the sun was stored in this fossil fuel. When it is unearthed and burned, that energy is released.

Nuclear Power Pro:
Large amounts of power
Reduces carbon output

Nuclear Power Con:
Nuclear Waste Issues (Where do you put ...

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