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Importance of Mechanical Engineering in Today's Society

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The mission of KAUST is to advance science and technology through bold and collaborative research. It educates scientific and technological leaders, catalyzes the diversification of Saudi economy and addresses challenges of regional and global significance, thereby serving the Kingdom, the region and the world.

Explain the importance of your field in today's society. In your future research and professional career describe how you would advance diversity in science and technology benefiting the region and thus creating a global impact.

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This solution outlines the importance of mechanical engineering in today's society, particularily in Saudi Arabia.

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Mechanical engineers are critical to the inner workings of today's society. Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, manufacture and test a variety of mechanical devices including tools, engines, and machines. Ultimately anything that can be imagined, designed, and built has an aspect of mechanical engineering to it. Mechanical engineers work on a wide variety of machines, which produce power from electric generators to internal combustion engines to steam and gas turbines. Mechanical engineers are experts on the use of existing energy resources and in developing new equipment needed to ...

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