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    Resource Allocation

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    Resource Allocation Paper

    Part 3 of the plan involves generating work packages for functional organizations. Work-package development begins with a matrix that identifies the individuals responsible for the completion of each second-level task. A cost account is formed at the intersection of each task and organizational element. The total project budget is allocated among the cost accounts, and a detailed SOW is generated for each account, commensurate with the assigned budget and schedule for the appropriate WBS tasks.

    For this assignment, you will prepare two documents that thoroughly discuss the following components:

    a. Project (plan) organization

    This section should identify project team members and define their functions, responsibilities, qualifications, and capabilities, as well as explain where each team member fits into the organizational structure. Project organization should also include each member's reporting relationship. The individual supervising the project manager should be a low-level manager in a position to resolve resource allocation issues. Include a project organization chart to illustrate all of the above relationships.

    b. Task and responsibility matrix

    A task/responsibility matrix is a chart that lists SOW tasks on the left and key project team members on the top of the chart. Each person is identified as having responsibility for completing one or more tasks. Only one person can be responsible for each task in order to preserve accountability. Others can be identified as providing either support or approval of decisions made.

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    STEP 1

    Project plan organization:

    Project Team Members:

    Project Manager: He will be the leader of the entire project team. His function will be to supervise the entire project. He will be responsible for the success or failure of the project. His qualifications will be: he will be an MBA, he will have a mechanical engineering degree and at least five years experience in project management. He must be a person of great ...

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