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    Resource Allocation in Health Care

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    - Describe some of the conflicts that exist between clinical staff and financial management in resource allocation.
    - Discuss the role that a health care organization's mission statement and values play in resource allocation.
    - Assess some of the challenges, complexities, and limitations involved in making resource allocation decisions in health care.


    You just returned to your office after attending a meeting with members of the finance department and the clinical staff of the outpatient dialysis treatment center. You were attending on behalf of your executive vice president, who was unable to attend. The finance department's staff expressed concern about the outpatient dialysis treatment center being over budget. The clinical team was adamant that they could not provide quality patient care within the budget limitations proposed by the finance department. The 2-hour meeting ended with the finance department's staff failing to convince the clinical staff that they must curtail expenditures. After providing your executive vice president a brief verbal recap of the meeting, he requested that you prepare an objective assessment of each group's perspective.

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    Some of the conflicts that exist between clinical staff and financial management in resource allocation include the conflict in respect to where the priorities should lie in determining the order in which resources will be allocated throughout an organization. This is a very important and intense conflict between clinical staff and financial management due to the fact that the clinical staff have the patients' best interest at heart when seeking to determine the priorities in respect to resource allocation, while financial management seeks to allocate resources based upon the needs of the ...