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Decision Making and Allocating Resources in Health Care

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What are the benefits and drawbacks of explicit rationing in a health care setting?

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One of the key advantages of explicit rationing is the fact that resource allocation decisions are made by higher-level administrative leadership. This is an advantage due to the fact that these individuals have a birds eye view of the resources that are available for utilization, and can therefore make a more informed and effective decision as to the resource allocation and distribution methodology that will be most effective in bringing about the most good for the most people. This is very important due to the fact that without this overall view of the situation there would be inefficiency in deciding what types of resources are most necessary to make available in abundance, in lieu of those resources that are not an absolute necessity at a given time. This will also help to prevent the exhaustion of resources that need to be made available more sparingly, so that these resources last for an appropriate time period.

Another advantage of explicit rationing is that ...