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    Magnet status

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    Justify allocating resources for these initiatives in order to obtain Magnet status.

    1.Converting all current policies and procedures for the organization to evidence based policies and procedures.

    2. Establishing a nursing council with representatives from each unit to participate in shared decision-making and development of system-wide nursing initiatives.

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    Magnet status for a hospital gives it a higher recognition for exemplary care.
    Because of this high rating, a hospital seeking Magnet status has to find a way to turn
    simple policies into ones that are based on the highest level of care. Evidence-based
    practice means that care is based on research and continuous quality improvement
    practice in clinical care. These research methods are then incorporated into the policies
    and procedures and each clinical provider can state what research study is driving the
    care of any patient in their care. In some cases, an organization seeking Magnet status
    may higher a consultant to get started. There are 65 critical elements to fulfill to ...

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