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Magnet therapy: theory of effect and benefits

Philosophy & Principle of Magnet Therapy -

Benefits of Magnet Therapy -

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Philosophy & Principle of Magnet Therapy -
Ah, wouldn't be wonderful if something this simple actually worked. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support benefit beyond placebo effect. (See attached Medscape article)
Regarding the principles underlying an effect of static magnetic fields, people have posited some effect on voltage-gated ion channels. But any effect on such channels must be mediated through the action of a developed potential (voltage) gradient across the membrane of the cell. Such a gradient represents a force (voltage = electromotive force) that acts on charged moieties within the electric field. These charged ...

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Magnet therapy lacks any physiologic basis for claimed benefits and is not supported by well-controlled clinical studies. The usually cited mechanism lacks support by known physics principles. However, placebo action may occur and provide benefit which can achieve the aim of magnet treatment. Potential lack of expense and safety are positive factors regarding magnet therapy.